About Melinda


Hi! I’m Melinda Abbott, Doctor of Health Education. I am excited to tell you about my journey to today, my new endeavors, and the opportunities for us to work together.

Do you wonder if there is more for you? Do you fret about going back to school, about developing fitness habits? Maybe you want to be a parent but the “perfect” situation has not yet appeared. I have been there and back. I completely transformed my life over the past few years. I am proud to say I ran the NYC marathon 3 times, did the Malibu triathlon twice, learned how to lift heavy weights (200lb back-squat, 260lb deadlift, 8 pull-ups), led 7 international and local Yoga retreats, organized two hike + yoga day trips, and completed my doctorate (will be published soon!). I was in the best shape of my life and always felt like I was just getting started. I found my best self. I can help you do the same.

How did I get started? I was a trainer for 6 years at Equinox and did very well. In 2008 I was handpicked to join the elite Tier 4 (now called Tier X) team. This level of training inspired me to go to Graduate School, for a Master’s and then my doctorate in Health Education. I added to my role at Equinox by performing Health Education Seminars at prestigious Equinox Corporate Accounts (Time Inc, Morgan Stanley, S&P, BNP Paribas, and many others). This solidified my passion for teaching to large groups – I transferred over to teaching Yoga at Equinox and succeeded, instructing close to 20 classes per week at my peak. Read about my yoga journey here.

I made exciting career progress, joining the CUNY system at Hostos Community College as an Adjunct in 2013. In 2018, I had the opportunity to join the Adjunct faculty at Mercy College. I have been teaching nutrition since 2014 and now have my own FREE nutrition and weight management course online. Learn more here.

In my personal life…I had boyfriends: I would meet someone great, date them (4 years, 2 years) but at some point, the relationship would end. I would be single, process the pain and move on to the next relationship. Towards the middle/end of my 30’s, my career in full swing, I found myself alone. I needed to asses my options for having children – a non-negotiable. To find out how I went from 38 and single, to 40’s and a mom of three, read here. It’s a great story!

In 2017 I was invited to join the Patient Experience Team at NYU Langone Medical Center (aka NYU Langone Health) in the Faculty Group Practice. I work at NYU part time, allowing me to maintain all the work I built over 10 years: teaching group and private yoga sessions and coaching clients one-on-one: building habits of healthy nutrition, effective exercise and sustaining these habits (Most people regain the weight they have lost after 6 months – Don’t let that be you! Click here to work with me one-on-one).

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