About Melinda

Melinda Abbott is a yoga teacher, adjunct lecturer, fitness freak, doctoral candidate, veggie lover and pit bull terrier mom who is constantly moving, learning and motivating others to break a sweat!

Melinda’s yoga experience dates back 20 years to that first fateful class where she fell asleep in savasana and realized she had never before stopped to simply breathe and be in her body. Since then, she has completed over 600 hours of yoga training, at Integral Yoga (2005), Jivamukti Yoga (2012) and Pure Yoga. Melinda is grateful to have studied under some truly remarkable teachers including Sharon Gannon, David Life, Scott Harig, Shana Swanson and many more.

While teaching Early Childhood Wellness and Intro to Nutrition at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx, Melinda is also working toward her doctoral degree in Health Education at Columbia University (anticipated summer 2016). Melinda can be found leading sold-out classes 15 times a week at NYC’s world-class fitness club Equinox, as well as workshops and international retreats. In the spirit teaching from a place of truth, Melinda is dedicated to maintaining her physical fitness and pursuing a path of spiritual growth. She embraces life with abundant, loving and generous energy.




Signature Style/ Teaching Style/ What Melinda Offers
Embrace physical exhaustion and serenity.
Melinda coaches people to embrace change, accept challenge and to love every drop of sweat earned in the process! As a yoga teacher she takes command of the room with purpose and energy. Her hardcore sessions are physical, rigorous and athletic. The sequencing of each Power Vinyasa class retains traditional elements routed in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Inversions, backbends, binds, twists, forward bends and balancing sequences are offered in each dynamic flow, available to be modified or progressed as the body and breath allow. While endurance is tested, alignment remains at the forefront to build safe movements from which we may address pain, discomfort and resistance in the body. Her students leave feeling stronger, grounded, powerful and even a bit sexier (if also a bit sore!)

Melinda’s classes offer messages that are real, honest and practical—presenting philosophy not weighed down by heavy dogma. Deep listening, meditation and chanting are employed to encourage students to discover the spiritual elements of the practice.

Her instruction may appeal most to a seasoned practitioner, but anyone who is passionate and committed is welcome. Melinda’s heart is open to all those who attend her classes, regardless of their fitness level or background.

“I delight in being part of whatever inspires people to investigate all aspects of their health. Physical, emotional and spiritual health is vital in the process of transformation towards one’s greater self.”

“We are free to see yoga as a path to liberate ourselves from judgments, labels and comparison. We are free to be the loving, compassionate and delightfully imperfect beings we really are.”